Siemens appliances

Cooling and Freezing.

The refrigeration appliances of the future are here today.

Upgrade your life with intelligent cooling & freezing technology for long-lasting freshness, adjustable flexibility and refined design.

Cooking and Baking.

Stylish appliances for great tastes.

Siemens appliances make cooking and baking a pleasure. Their innovative technologies and convenient functions take work off your hands, and inspire you to create delicious dishes. They also set new standards with their captivating design and high-end materials.

Dish Care

Impressive, trend-setting technology, first class features and excellent design.

From height-adjustable side parts and foldable flip tines that helps everything finds its place quickly and easily, clever time-saving features like speed-at-anytime, to WiFi-enabled innovations such as Amazon Dash Replenishment that can automatically order new dishwasher tabs when it runs out. Whether you are serving dinner to your family or hosting a party for friends, Siemens dishwashers ensure your dishes will be sparkling – in a flash.